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Eastwind Boxers, began 15 years ago, however our love affair with this breed started much earlier.  Long before Tom and I were a couple, Tom's family had owned and loved boxers.  I met the family boxer, "Charlie Brown", when I and Tom first dated, and discovered how much a part of the family they insist on being!  I will never forget the evening when I was first introduced to a Family Shay dinner. "Charlie" would sit at Mom's feet, where she kept a towel on her lap to catch the drool while we ate!
Like most of us who enter the show ring, our first boxer was a pet.  As our family grew, and we lost our old Springer Spaniel, the kids insisted that we get a boxer, " just like dad use to have".  Our first boxers taught us much. As we grew to love this breed we were introduced to friend and mentor Sarah Neely of Emerald Boxers.  We purchased our first show dog from Sarah, Am/CanCh.Emerald's Luciana at Eastwind, Lulu, who became our first foundation bitch and DOM.

Pictured above our first boxers

Over the years and thoughout the many moves throughout the U.S, we have garnered many friends and mentors.  While living in southern Mississippi, we became members of the Boxer Club of Louisiana where we remain associate members today.  We are also members of the American Boxer Club and contribute to the American Boxer Charitable Health Foundation.
We have learned that showing and breeding boxers for confirmation, agility, or obedience carries with it, a responsitbility to insure that the Boxer Dog remains healthy, and of good temperement.  At Eastwind Boxers, that is our goal.
Tom & Gale Shay

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